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Newsletter : 12th of June, 2003
Highlights of what you'll find below

Andreas: FlitchSplifter v1.0 (new)
Arguru: Aodix to v3.0.0.6 (updated)
Bram: Cyanide v2.0 (new), CrazyIvan (updated), SupaTrigga (new)
Destroy FX :: Sophia: Audio Units (updated), SFX Machine RT (licensing)
Koen: KTGranulator v1.0 (new + updated)
Magnus: Ambience v1.0 (new + updated)
MDSP: New member!! + heaps of new plugins

Smartelectronix :: Alex

Alex is still working on a new superb synthesiser! Have some patience :-)

Smartelectronix :: Andreas

Released FlitchSplifter V1.0, a midiplayable dynamic buffer freezer fx.
..some other almost finished plugs are waiting on his hd to be released soon,including a resonator fx and a synced slice and reorder / instant recycle mangler. Other ongoing (longterm) projects are creating the plongFxLib for use in future plugins,
and... the first ioplong FFT plugin!

Smartelectronix :: Arguru

Aodix updated to v3.0.0.6.

Changes in v3.0.0.6:
Fixed: small bug fixes.
Added: messages 5 and 6.
Now set of tracker internal messages 1 to 6 complete.
Added: raw 32-bit file output (IEEE).
Added: new mixer.
Added: some new shortcuts.

Smartelectronix :: Bram

Cyanide 2.0, a MUCH improved Cyanide 1.0 with plenty of new features and a much nicer GUI... CrazyIvan got updated (now with Plenty Of Parameters), and a new small funkie plugin called SupaTrigga.

Cyanide 2.0: windows and mac (9.0 / OSX) VST, no AU
CrazyIvan BETA: windows and mac, VST only (AU will follow)
SupaTrigga BETA: windows and mac (9.0 / OSX) VST only (AU might follow)

SupaTrigga does NOT work in Ableton Live (yet).

Smartelectronix :: Destroy FX :: Sophia

Released RMS Buddy 1.1 update.

MIDI Gater has a beautiful new GUI designed by Brittnell Anderson (only for the Audio Unit version currently).

Audio Unit versions of our plugins are available here and, at this point, are in most cases better than the older VST versions, but still need some final work to catch up in all respects (just little graphic interface details).

It's not a Smartelectronix thing, but I developed the realtime update of the wonderful modular effects super-plugin SFX Machine RT:

There was a very nice review of our plugins in the May 2003 issue of Electronic Musician magazine.

Smartelectronix :: Destroy FX :: Tom

Tom is working, very slowly, on a new graphics framework for windows that utilizes modern graphics hardware. He's also, as always, adding more and more ridiculously unprincipled effects to his flagship noise-machine BrokenFFT.

Smartelectronix :: DMI

DMI is working on a wavetable synth that has drawable spectrum and waveshapes for the oscillators and loads of crazy modulation. He's got the dsp code done, and is working on the GUI.
More news later.

Smartelectronix :: Dunk

#cough cough#
Dunk is still working on Scrubber and building a base library of code so that future projects will hopefully be quicker to fruition. Remakes of the MIDI plugins are pencilled in for the future along with some nifty plugins for use in modular hosts such as Bidule, Audiomulch and EnergyXT.

sorry - I know talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding, so we just gotta wait and see how these things turn out

Smartelectronix :: Koen

Finally, the first official release of KTGranulator is here!
The beta versions had been around for some time, but now
the finished 1.0 version is out.
Some new things:
  • can now be controlled via MIDI
  • contains some cool factory presets
  • higher maximum number of grains
  • grain stealing
  • engine improvements
Available as a VST effect plugin (Windows and Mac) and as an Audio Unit (Mac).
Have fun with it!

Smartelectronix :: Magnus

Magnus has finally released the GUI version of Ambience! Sean has done some splendid art work on this one! The new features are:
  • GUI
  • Lots of presets
  • Midi learn
  • New diffusion parameter
  • Many bug fixes

There's a fully functional demo (with a nag screen). To get the full version you decide yourself how much you want to spend!
Big thanks to Sophia for porting it to Mac and AU, and to everyone who has beta tested and sent presets.

As for the future, Magnus has a few plugin ideas he is playing around with but he is not sure what his next project will be yet.

Smartelectronix :: MDSP

Remy -the new member- has released the first volume of his FFT tools for windows and mac osx (mach-o):
  • Warp (swaps a frequency band)
  • Levels (changes the spectral dynamics, you can boost weak/medium/high magnitudes separately)
  • Kontrast (changes the magnitude's constrast...)
  • Robotizer (removes liveliness by forcing the phase of the sound to zero.)

He has also made a small Midi tools package:
  • env2Midi (an envelope follower)
  • Stokastik (a randomly-spaced Midi-notes generator)
  • MIDICCMap (changes the type of a continuous controller)

to come:
Analog delay (with tempo sync, delay interpolation, saturation...)
DuckDelay (another delay with auto-ducking and gating)

FFT tools volume 2 may include some of the plugins below
  • Pixelize (pixelizes the spectrum)
  • Shift (translates the spectrum inharmonically)
  • Scale (pitchshifter)
  • Reorder
  • Freezer (freezes the magnitude, lets the phase as is)
  • Whisperizer (adds noise to the phase)
  • Posterize (Spectral Bit Crusher)
M-S tools (a Mid and Side processing toolbox)
  • msBalance (separate gain for Mid and Side)
  • msComp (compresses the Mid without affecting the Side/ambiance)
  • msDelay (delays the Mid or the side)
  • msRotoDelay by magnus
... and many other in preparation in his head.