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October 26th 2006 :: LiveCut and Fire now works as AU on MacIntel

- mdsp

July 10th 2006 :: LiveCut 0.9 is out

direct route to the download page

new features:
  • Universal Binary
  • AudioUnit
  • VST 2.4
  • Fadein/Fadeout for declicking
  • Cut-aware BitCrusher
  • Cut-aware CombFilter
  • panning fixed

- mdsp

April 25th 2006 :: MjCompressor update

New MjCompressor version for both Windows VST and Mac OS X VST. Attack and release are now separate controls, and there are some extra convenience parameters that allow for easy New York style compression. Get it here!

- Magnus

December 29th 2005 :: Classic tools update: GUI + MacOSX port

All the classic tools are now available for both windows and macosx.
with a dedicated GUI.
And there's a new plugin: DuckVerb, similar as DuckDelay but with a reverb.

- mdsp

December 27th 2005 :: AnalogDelay 1.0.1

Finally there is an update for AnalogDelay which is now donationware. It's still free and fully functionnal, but there is a nag screen on the GUI. if you make a donation for it I'll send you a version without the nag screen.
  • now every parameter is properly recalled when opening the GUI
  • knob mode is relative linear (no more annoyings jumps when editing the GUI)
  • sync button changes now properly updates the other value display and knob positions
  • changing the max delay now doesn't changes the delay unless the delay is higher than max delay
  • midi notes input no more changes the parameters
more infos ...

- mdsp

August 24th 2005 :: MjHarmonicPingOnly ported to OS X VST and updated on Windows VST

MjHarmonicPingOnly is a just intonation percussive synth. Get it here. Changes from last version include better velocity response and easier tuning.

- Magnus

August 2nd 2005 :: Taurus beta preview

Taurus beta has been released. It is a virtual recreation of a famous 70s bass pedal synthesizer used by such bands as Rush and Genesis for example. Grab it here.

- Antti

July 23rd 2005 :: Livecut 0.8 summer beta preview

due to high user demand I've decided to release a beta preview of Livecut for this summer. get it here.

- mdsp

July 6th 2005 :: VST->Winamp Bridge Update

A new version of the VST->Winamp Bridge is available. This version includes VWBvstB.dll which should be used in hosts like Ableton Live which freeze when using the older version. check it out

- dmi

June 27th 2005 :: VST->Winamp Bridge

A little plugin (two plugins actually) so you can control winamps payback from your VST host. The playback position of your host is sent to winamp so when your press play in Audiomulch, Winamp should start playing. If your transport is at 30 seconds in Audiomulch when you press play, then Winamp should start playing at 30 seconds into the current track. This should be handy if you want to score movies using hosts that don't have built in media players. Check it out!

- dmi

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