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Can we put Smartelectronix plugins on a
CD-ROM that we will include with our magazine?

The answer to that question is usually yes, with the following stipulations:
  • send the creators (of the plugins you'd like to add) complementary copies of your magazine. If you contact us, we will send you a list of all addresses...

  • include versions for all supported platforms (if it makes sense to do that; if your magazine focuses on a specific platform, then it might not make sense)

  • make sure that you go to our web page at the last minute and get the most recent versions of our stuff

  • if possible, include some piece about us in your magazine (review, news, interview)

  • contact us first (we will probably say "yes" if you agree to these stipulations, but please still contact us first)

  • add this small readme.txt file on the CD itself in the root of the directory where you will put the files (Smartelectronix grouped together, preferably). It contains the link to the Smartelectronix website and a notice that the latest versions can be found there.

text adapted from Destroy FX

Can I distribute your plugins on the internet packaged with my program.

You have to ask specific permission from the writer of each program. Contact the writer(s) of the plugins you want to distribute here

Can you make me a custom plugin?

If you want us to make a custom plugin for you, you'll have to at least offer us something in return. If you want to sell the plugin we make in any form, you're most likely going to have to pay a license fee. We're a very busy bunch who mostly make plugins for fun. So, if your idea isn't at least fun or breathtaking or ... and you don't want to pay for it, don't bother. And please, no requests like "make a plugin like XYZ's ABC plugin but better", we don't want to fall asleep coding.

Here's another hint: 85% of "custom plugin requests" can be answered by pointing to a more advanced host application. For extra, ultra-flexibility you should check out apps like Plogue Bidule (Mac OS X and Windows), AudioMulch (Mac OS X and Windows), and then there is even more hardcore stuff like Csound (many operating systems), Max/MSP (Mac, Windows), PD (many operating systems), etc.

In some of these hosts parameters can be modulated from external sources, be it audio, data, sequencers... i.e. you can use a plugin, and enhance it's functionality with LFOs, envelope followers, etc.