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Competition Tracks
javier rubio montero : plancha3

this is a simple melody treated in two different ways. in the first part the melody flows alone showing the richness of a dmiHammer sound, and in the second part the full power of Smart ElectroniX joins this melody. the other synths are instances of GalactiX with the exception of the bass, a piece of pcm wave taken from a SmeX plug and pitched. I converted all the smart electronix plugins to raw pcm vaves. Selected some of them and chopped into pieces. then i made some rythmic loops and twisted them with my fav plugins: buffer override, transverb, scrubby. after that i reconstructed the loops, with some of the original remaining. added some analog delay and ambience. other plugins used: supaPhaser, mdspFlanger, sloper, skidder, resolator and deloizer.

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