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Competition Tracks
Andy Yakovlev : Recently I Discovered Transistors In My Head

Hello SmartElectronix,

here is some details about the tune i made:

after downloading all plugins avaliable, i imported raw data from .dll and collected many of them in .wav. straight after hearing this noisy sounds, i knew what i'm going into... the name of the tracks says it all, "Recently I Discovered Transistors In My Head"...

ok, what i used, bassline made with GalactiX, "electronic piano" made with Hammer, the lead in the end made with GalactiX + double SupaPhaser. delays are MJ RotoDelay. reverb is Ambience and dmi Reverb. for robo tweaking used KT Granulator and dfx Scrubby. also Flute used at low octave for the groove. all hihats and claps from raw data.

ok. i must admit it was really fun to make this special tune. hope to win something ;)

(download this track)