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Jason Bio and personal news

Real name : Jason Soares
Location : San Diego, CA
Bio : Computers, music, blips and bleeps. I live in the sleepy navy town of San Diego, California. I keep myself busy by to many things including but not limited to:

Aspects Of Physics - My band and constant money pit

TheExperiment Network - A source of news and lots of opinions. It also is a starting point for a whole array of sites by yours truly

MidiWeb - A cross platform realtime midi over the internet dohicky

Singing Serpent - A place of work making money for the man. I fix things and make computers work there

EnergyLanguage - A constructed language which will fix all of the worlds problems. hah

and last but not least....

Real things - My girl friend should be at the top of the list along with the things in life like not doing anything and eating...

Birthdate : 1971-09-13