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Antti Bio and personal news

Real name : Antti Huovilainen
Location : Finland
Birthdate : 1978-11-11

News :: Taurus beta preview

Taurus beta has been released. It is a virtual recreation of a famous 70s bass pedal synthesizer used by such bands as Rush and Genesis for example. Grab it here.

- Antti, August 2nd 2005 (08:58:37)

News :: ASynth 1.01 released

New features include multimode Mini and MS20 filters. Some bugs (including the timing problem) have also been fixed. Grab your copy Here!

- Antti, January 15th 2005 (09:55:14)

News :: Antti releases ASynth

ASynth is a dual oscillator synth featuring high quality circuit modelled filters (three types: MS20, Mini & XPander). Other features include selectable oversampling, six voice polyphony and midi automation.

Get it here!

- Antti, September 20th 2004 (01:35:01)